The below is a guide as to how images can be used effectively to enhance the available structural inspection map reporting.

  1. A single image file is added. See article Adding a 2D (Photo) or 3D Model for more info

  2. The image file can be assigned to many Structural Inspection limits. 

  3. Each limit can have a Location ID and Location Description assigned. The image can be marked up to show different locations on the same image. See article Create a Structural Inspection Limit type to a Job Step and Create Structural Inspections Limit in Data Admin for more info.

  4. Structural Inspection Limits can be assigned to one of more job steps and to many different Tasks. The tasks are assigned to assets and in turn have work orders created for execution on the mobile app in the field.

  5. The defects data recorded can be viewed by a table or from the Main Menu, click on Job Management>.Defects

  6. All structural inspection data recorded can be viewed on the image. See article Structural Inspection Analytics for 2D/3D models for more info.