Operations are made up of the following key areas:  

Operation Title
Click on the operation to unhide or hide the job steps.  When more than one operation are displayed, click and drag the operation to move it up or down.  See Adding a New Operation section for editing details.
InstructionsText for the job step instruction are typed or copy and paste into this area.  See Adding Job Steps to Operations section. 
TIP: Use CRTL+SHIFT+to paste plain text into the text box.

This feature provided the ability to further detail information related to acceptable limits and the identification and recording of limit values and units of measure.  These instructions can be highlighted or formatted differently on the output.  

Limit options are available from the dropdown list for Checkbox, Range, Value, List (1‑4), Table, Pass/Fail and Structural Inspection.  See Adding Limits to Job Steps section for more detailed description on the use of limits.
ImageOne or more images can be copy and paste in here or added via the Options>Image upload button. Images can also be marked up and edited.  See Adding Job Steps to Operations section.
Advice Toolbar

These are prepopulated fields used to separate out and make available for selection information relating to:

  • Information / notes / special instructions / torque procedures
  • Hazards, 
  • Warning or stop and halt identifiers
  • Fluids capacities (sourced from tab listing the Fluids related to the model)
  • Weights (sourced from tab listing the Weights related to the model).  
Advice that are selected from the individual lists are displayed here.  See Adding Advice to Job Steps section for more information. 

Options for the job step include:

  • Adding 1, 5 or 10 Steps,
  • Moving the job steps up or down, 
  • Deleting the step, 
  • Cleaning instruction text,
  • Uploading an image from a file.