1. To add one or more job step(s), click to select 1, 5 or 10 steps to be added at a time. To move a job step, click to move a job step up or click to move a job step down. To delete a job step, click  to delete a job step that is not required.

  2. Enter the instruction text into the text field.
  3. Text entered in the instructions can be formatted using the text editor toolbar . Options include Bold, Italics, Underline, Numbered List, Bullet Points, Text Colour, Text Highlight, Remove Formats and Symbols.

  4. One or more images can be added to the job step by copying and pasting the image directly. Click on the image area, copy an image from any source and on the keyboard press Ctrl+V to paste in the image.
    Click   to remove the image if required.
  5. To add an image from a file. Click   in the Options toolbar to open file explorer, then navigate to the file location for the image to be added. Double click the image to add the image(s) displayed. To upload an image from a URL select  then enter in the image link.