Hardware or Network Item


Device Requirements

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017+), 32GB storage (Recommend 64GB)

Earlier Android devices may not support 3D content.

Apple iPad Air 3rd Generation or later, 64GB storage (Recommend 128GB)

Apple iPad 6th Generation or later, 64GB storage (Recommend 128GB)

X86 based PC Tablet, CPU benchmark 4500+ (https://www.cpubenchmark.net/), 128GB SSD storage, 1024 x768 resolution or above, touch screen, video card benchmark 1,050 or higher (https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/) for 3D capability.

Operating System

Oreo (Android version 8), Pie (Android version 9).  Future versions of Android will be supported.

iOS12.3 or later. Future versions of iOS will be supported.

Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit recommended

Browser Requirements

Android chromium-based browser.

Safari or Chrome (iOS)

Chrome 75 or later (Windows)

Other requirements

Support for WebGL through the browser to use 3D content. This is enabled by default in the Chrome browser but may be disabled by corporate security policy.