Although integrated into Builder as a maintenance task, a dedicated workflow has been built into the background to support the complexity of large inspections with lots of recording points. Structural Inspections recorded also have specific requirements for tracking and reporting.

The below shows a high level process for collecting information, building the data, capturing inspection data in the field and reporting of the data captured.

The recommended approach to setting up a structural inspection is detailed below for the above process flow. Click on the links to navigate to the how-to guides.

Collect DataPrior to building any data, it is best to collect as much information as possible from sources such as
  • OEM's/Manufacturers, 
  • Subject matter experts,
  • External service providers
  • ERP data, Etc.
FrameworkDevelop a framework for identifying inspection locations. Inputs to a framework include
  • How complex is the machine i.e. number of images and locations
  • What identifying text will we use for structural inspection locations (ID's) and descriptions.
  • What are the frequencies for completing inspections (is there a standard?)
  • What level of detail is required for the structural inspections.
  • Do we have ranges for what needs to be monitored or repaired immediately?
  • What features are in Builder to simplify the amount of locations?
    See article Structural Inspection Key Features for more info

With an understanding of the framework required, it is beneficial to collate and arrange the information prior to building the data into OnPlan.

Create LimitsLimits are the term used for setting up the structural inspect requirements for recording of data in the field. See Create Structural Inspections Limit in Data Admin
Severity is set up using a Conditional Limit which is assigned to the Structural Inspection limit. See Create a Conditional Limit for Structural Inspections
Create TaskOnce the limits are created, a task is created against the model of equipment to build the detail for not only the inspection but can also include job/machine preparation, isolation, sign-off and completions. See Task WIN Documents
Assign to AssetOnce the task has been approved, the task can be assigned to one or more machines of the same model. See Viewing and Connecting Task WIN's to a Mobile Asset
Create a Work OrderWork order(s) can then be created to execute the work in the field. See Add a new Work Order for more information.
Complete the Work OrderOnce a work order is created, the technician can complete the inspection in the field on the mobile app. See Mobile App for information on using the app.
ReportingAnalysis of the inspection that have been recorded via the mobile app is completed in OnPlan Reporting. See Reporting for more information. Inbuilt reports include
  • Limits and structural inspection Dashboard.
  • Structural inspection analytics by structure (heat map of images)
  • Structural inspection explorer by equipment model, site, asset and location.