Tables can be configured for each Job Step.  The table can have multiple columns and rows, can be saved as a template, searched and added to other job steps. To add a table, go to a job step and click on the Limit Option dropdown and select the Table option from the list. The button is display. Click on the Configure Limits Table button to display the table for entry or editing. The Configure Limits Table pop-up window is displayed.

Configuring the Table

Click to allow users to add rows within the OnPlan App on the table.

Click  to add 1 or more rows

Click  to add 1 or more columns

Click  to delete a row or column.

Click  to move a column in the required direction

Click and hold on   for the row. The row can be moved up or down.

Click  in the column type field to select the column type. Options include

  • Item – to enter text as required.
  • Result – Results can be further defined based on the type of result.
    1. Value to be recorded
    2. Pass / Fail to be recorded
    3. Checkbox to be recorded
    4. List (1-4) to be selected from on output 
  • UOM – to select a unit of measure
  • Lower Limit - to define limit parameter.
  • Upper Limit - to define limit parameter.
  • Equal to – to define limit parameter.

Click  to edit the column title.

View a Previously Built Table

The table can be quickly viewed without going into the table configuration option, hover the mouse pointer over the button. A formatted table will be shown.


Note: Limit tables can appear on outputs different to how it is displayed on the screen.