Limits are assigned to job steps when feedback is required on a job step. Limits can be predefined and assigned an ID number from selecting Data Admin>Limits from main menu. Limits can also be added directly to the job step in Builder, see Adding Limits to Job Steps for more information. When outputting limits via a document, the way limits appear will be dependant on the MS Word template set up. See Builder Limits to Mobile App for how limits are presented on a device.

Limits that can be added and edited via the data admin. The admin area allows the creation of a Limit ID with a Name and Description with the assignment of the following limit types.

  • Checkbox
  • Pass/Fail
  • Button List
  • Value
  • Range
  • List  (1-4)
  • Text Box
  • Photo
  • Dropdown List
  • Multi Select Dropdown List
  • Date
  • Signature
  • QR / Barcode
  • Custom categories
  • Inspection - Crack
  • Inspection - Wear
  • Inspection - Leak
  • Inspection - Temperature
  • Inspection - Other Defect
  • Table option (tables can have their own ID as a container for many other ID's from above limits). Additionally tables can have
    • equal to, upper limit and lower limit column(s).

Use the following instructions to add a new limit.

To add a limit of Value and select a Unit of Measure

To add a limit of Range and select a Unit of Measure

To add a limit of Pass / Fail, Checkbox, List, Button List, Photo or Text Box