The basic processes supported by the Strategy module are as follows.

  1. Import FMECA models or preventative tasks lists (See article Importing FMECA Models and Preventative Tasks Lists)
  2. Review imported data, update / edit, select grouping categories (See article Grouping FMECA Tasks)
  3. Generate PM Tasks and Inspection Documents (See article Generating PM Tasks (Inspection Documents
  4. Strategy Task Board to reorder tasks and groups of tasks (See article Strategy Task Board)
  5. Review generated work instruction documents / inspection (See article Reviewing Generated PM Tasks)
  6. Build out the detail for the task and job steps to execute the task safely (See article Reviewing PM Task Work Instructions and articles in section Task WIN Job Step Details)
  7. Assign the tasks to the asset (See articles in section Assets)
  8. Documents can be marked up and approved (See articles in section Task WIN Document Work Flow)
  9. Approved documents can be output to MS Word (See article Build Document(s) and Output)
  10. Reporting is available to track the document status.
  11. Approved documents can be entered into the Job Management system for execution on the mobile app (See articles in section Work Orders in Builder)
  12. Work Orders can then be executed on the mobile app (See articles in the section App Work Orders and Job Steps