The Generate PM Tasks button will build PM Tasks and Inspection documents automatically from the tasks in the FMECA table. There are a number of options to set to ensure the Inspection documents meet requirements. The options are set using the PM Task Option Menu. 

PM Tasks Option Menu

The Drop Down menu next to the Generate PM Tasks button shows the options menu for generating PM Tasks. 

Document Grouping

The Document grouping is used to select which columns are used to group tasks into documents. The options are Frequency, Trade Type, Plant Status or the group defined in the Import Template.

For example, consider a list of tasks containing both 4 Week and 8 Week frequencies 

with both Mechanical and Electrical Trades Types, across multiple tasks. 

If Frequency is the only Grouping category, the following Inspection Documents will be created. 

  • 500 Hour Inspection
  • 1000 Hour Inspection

If Frequency and Trade Type are selected as Grouping categories, the following Inspection Documents will be created:

  • 500 Hour Mechanical Inspection
  • 500 Hour Electrical Inspection
  • 1000 Hour Mechanical Inspection
  • 1000 Hour Electrical Inspection

Task Grouping 

The Task grouping determines how the tasks are grouped with in the document. They will become the Operation Headings in the documents. The tasks will become Steps.

The Task Grouping options are Area, System, Subsystem, No Task Grouping or Grouping Category defined in the Import Template.

Applying Document and Task Grouping Selections

The selected Document and Task Groupings are applied using the following instructions. If the Document and Task Grouping has been previously selected, click  to regenerate the documents.

Suppressing Tasks from the Generator

If there are tasks that should not be in the Inspection document, they can be suppressed using the 'Generated' flag. The task is still seen in the FMECA table, but it will not be passed through to the Inspection document.

In the diagram below, the task 'Check Fuel Pressure' has the Generated flag un-set. It will not be shown in the Inspection document. 

Automatic Suppression of Duplicate Tasks

If there are duplicate tasks against a Component / System, the second and subsequent tasks will automatically be suppressed when a new FMECA table is loaded. The method to suppress the tasks is the same as above; the Generated Flag is un-set.

Duplicate tasks are tasks where the Component, Position, Task Type, Task Details, Frequency and Frequency Unit of Measure are the same for a given preventative task.


To reorder the tasks within a document see the article Strategy Task Board

To review the generated PM Tasks see the article Reviewing Generated PM Tasks.