The PM Task Editor can be used to load a full FMEA/FMECA or just a list of preventive maintenance tasks. The minimum requirements for loading tasks are - 

  • Component
  • Task Details
  • Frequency
  • Unit of Measure (for the frequency)

See Navigating to the Strategy/FMECA Editor to display the PM Task Editor screen.

Strategy Editor Screen

FeatureFeature Description
Select New to add a new task.
Click to select a task before clicking Edit or Delete. 

Select Export CSV to export a CSV of individual rows or all rows.

NOTE: Tasks can be edited inline.
Show or hide the FMECA columns depending on the information that has been built or imported.
Click to select display options for None, System/Component or Frequency.
See FMECA Task Display Grouping for more information.
See Importing FMECA Models and Preventive Tasks Lists for more information.
See Generating PM Tasks (Inspection Documents)  for more information.
Click to export the FMECA as an excel file.
Type text to search across all fields
Click to select options to navigate to the BOM Editor, Task Editor or FMECA Task Board.
Navigate the pages to view additional pages. Use the search to filter the list.