Builder has a number of preconfigured user profiles to provide control over administering the system. The profiles are selected when adding a user. A user can have one or more profiles assigned. 

Profile NameProfile DescriptionPermissions Description
App User
Mobile AppAssigned to users that are required to access the mobile app to view and complete work orders.
If enabled, app users can also create Work Orders from within the app.
Work Order Planner
Builder Job ManagementAssigned to users who are required to create and edit work orders, view notifications, tracking dashboard and analytics.
Work Order ApproverBuilder Job Management

Assigned to users who are required to approve or disapprove Work Orders.

Access to Job Management Work Orders only.

Task Reviewer
Builder Task ReviewAssigned to users that are responsible for reviewing and red pen marking up Task WIN's. Access to WIN Task Viewer screen only.
Site Data ReviewerAsset and Task ReviewAssigned to users that are required to view a list of assets and view the tasks. Can red pen mark up tasks.
Standard UserBuilder Task WIN Developer
This is the main profile for Builder users.
Assigned to users who are responsible for creating Task WIN's, job instruction content and assets.
No access to Job Management.
Data Admin
Builder Task WIN Developer with Data Admin access
Same permissions as a standard user with additional access to be able to manage the Data Admin tables that underpin the job instruction content.
Access to Job Management.
No access to mobile app.
Builder Full accessThe highest level of access in Builder. Controls users and access to the system.
No access to mobile app.

 Examples of applying User Profiles to site based roles

Site Based RoleDescriptionBuilder
 User Profile
Mobile App
 User Profile
Site Designation
TechnicianExecutes work in the field.
May also want to view a list of the instructions for the site/assets to provide feedback.
Site Data ReviewerApp UserFor assigned sites only
Maintenance PlannerCreates and prepares work orders. Manages outstanding defects.Work Order Planner
For assigned sites only
Maintenance SchedulerSchedules work orders for Technicians to execute work in the field.Work Order Planner
For assigned sites only
Maintenance SupervisorAssigns work orders to technicians and responsible for quality of work performed by the team. Reviews and approves work orders and defects for further processing.Work Order ApproverApp UserFor assigned sites only
Reliability EngineerDevelops the asset strategy. Reviews machine performance, defects, analyses equipment history and updates asset strategy.Data Admin
Library and assigned sites
Technical WriterDevelops content for Tasks through to a draft complete status.Standard User
Library and assigned sites
Subject Matter Expert (SME)Specific equipment knowledge required to review document content for accuracy. Could be internal or external to the organisation.Task Reviewer
Only assigned task
Document OwnerManages quality of Task content and approves for use in the field.Data Admin
Library and assigned sites
Maintenance ManagerManages the team and views reports for managing performance.Data Admin
Library and assigned sites
Company IT SupportManages user access to internal IT systems, devices and OnPlan. First line support for access to all systems.AdminApp UserAll access