A consistent approach to creating and naming operations assists with searching and finding operations for later use. The operation title appears on a document and for navigating jobs in the mobile app.

Job Preparation
(All Tasks will have a preparation step)
The Job Preparation includes steps to locate and prepare the machine prior to commencing job.
Equipment Positioning
This operation should contain the steps for the fitting required interlocks, stands or machine positioning specific for the task being carried out. If more than one interlock/positioning is needed these should have a separate operation with a new Operation Heading.
Isolate MachineThis operation cover the process of isolation of the machine for the required tasks.
Job AuthorizationThe Job Authorization includes steps to complete any checks or sign offs required prior to working on the equipment.
InspectionInspection tasks will vary between each WIN and contain the details for carrying out and recording the tasks safely. Include component or system in the title
Remove {Component}Removal of the component. There may be more than one removal Operation if multiple components are to be installed.
Install {Component}Installation of the component. There may be more than one installation Operation if multiple components are to be installed.
Quality CheckGeneric quality check before returning equipment to service.
Commissioning and TestingThe Commission and Test operation contains the generic Commission and Test setup steps to check that the job has been completed correctly. There are usually two Commission and Test operations. A standard Commission and Test operation that applies to all work instructions for the model (this operation) and s second Commission and Test operation that contains the specific steps for commissioning and test of a particular component.
Job Finalisation
The Job Completion includes steps to finalize the completion of the task. This usually includes the removal of tags, cleaning of the area and components, as well as disposal.