Single documents can be imported into the WIN Builder and WIN tasks and Job steps created. The tool works by displaying the imported document on the left of the screen, the text and images can then be dragged and dropped to the right side of the screen to transfer the document information.

Prerequisite: Document for import must be in .docx format. Knowledge of building new tasks in the WIN Builder. 
Refer to Creating a WIN, Adding WIN Header Details and Adding WIN Job Step Details for building WIN Documents.

  1. Document Importer Navigation
    1. Navigate to the document import tool via the home menu. Click on Document Importer to open the tool.

    2. The document importer is made up of two distinct areas.
        Input Document – The document for import is loaded here.
        WIN Builder Task- The information for the new task is enter or added to here.

  2. Importing a Document
    1. Click   to open file explorer. Navigate to the document that requires importing and select the document to import.

    2. The input document will be displayed. Refer Section (4.1) as a guide to complete the following

      Model/Plant/ProcessSelect area to create WIN
      NameEnter the name of the WIN
      PlantEnter 0
      Trade TypeEnter the work group responsible
      Type codeSelect the type of task from the list
      FrequencyEnter the frequency of the task
      Plant StatusLeave as Standard
    3. To transfer information across to the new WIN. Click on the text to be transferred and drop it in the required area on the right side in the WIN Builder section.
      Text can be dragged and dropped as the Operation Heading or Step Text area.

      Images can be dragged and dropped into the Step Image section.

      Note: Text added to the WIN Builder can be edited directly by clicking in the Operation Heading or Step Text fields. Text and images that have been added to the WIN become faded on the input side to assist with keeping track of information transferred.

      Step text rows will be added automatically when text is dropped into a box.
      Click  to add additional operations.

    4. Once all the text and images have been transferred to the WIN task, click  to create the next WIN in the WIN Builder. The WIN Task editor screen will be displayed for further editing.