The following table has been provided to assist with terminology used in the software application, ERP and maintenance terms in general.



Task WIN Document

In OnPlan Builder this term refers to a task that would typically be for a maintenance document. The Task WIN is a set of instructions that includes detailed task steps, images, additional information (Hazards, notes, weights, capacities), task limits and tables. 

Task TypeAssigned to every Task WIN to reflect the type of maintenance activity. Task Types can affect what an output of a document looks like. See Task Types for more information. 


A set of job steps to complete a work order. The instructions can include inspection and instruction type activities.


(General Term)

A strategy or non-strategy task that is required for maintaining an asset or group of assets. Each task can have a Task WIN or BOM Task.

BOMA Bill of Materials (BOM). There are two types of BOM's.
Task BOM is the list of materials to do a task. It may included required or optional parts.
Asset BOM is the list of materials that are used to construct the asset.


A grouping of detailed steps that provides a heading and can also be searched and reused (linked) across different task WIN's.

Job Step

One of more detailed instructions under each operation. Provides the information to complete the job step safely


Additional information added to a job step. Typical advice's include notes, safety hazards and controls, fluid capacity, weights, hold points or statutory requirements.


Parameters or expectation of performance and/or condition of an asset to continue to perform its function.

A Manufacturer in Builder can be an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or it can be a reference to a plant area or process. It is used to provide a logical grouping of Tasks, WIN Documents and Task BOM's
Model / Equipment Grouping
Is the term used to group and assign a series of Task WIN documents. A model can be a singular specific model of equipment or it can be a specific plant area or process. 


All WIN’s that are created against assets are stored in the library area. Provides access to training area.


Area in the software where assets are listed, WIN’s are created and assigned to assets.

Various other terms used in ERP and reliability programs to describe including Functional Location, Plant, Plant Unit/Item, Equipment, Productive Unit/Item, Maintainable Unit/Item. Generally excludes parts that make up the component.

Functional LocationSAP term that refers to an asset, Plant, Plant Unit/Item, Equipment, Productive Unit/Item, Maintainable Unit/Item.


Sites are a logical grouping of assets. These can be based on physical boundaries or responsibilities.


WIN’s are output via a pre-built template which dictates what the document looks like when output. There may be one or more templates available per site.


MS Word documents or mobile solution are the outputs created from building WIN content.