Once a WIN Task has been created then the details to execute the work can be added.  Adding content in a structured way provides ease of updating multiple documents if instructions or details change.


A WIN Task has been created and information is available to complete the job details.

Key Menu Areas to Create WIN Task Job Details.

WIN Task Header menu. Navigate to the appropriate menu item to add information related to the execution of the job.
  • Work Instruction - the job details are added here via one of more operations.
  • Procedures - If required, site procedures, standards and drawings are added here.
  • Skills / Resources - If required, skills or resources are added here with number of people and hours.
  • Permits - If required, permits can be assigned.
  • Hazards - If additional asset related hazards are required, they can be assigned.
  • PPE - If additional PPE is required then can be assigned.
  • Tools - If special tooling is required, it can be assigned.
  • Fluids - If required, fluid type and capacities can be added to a compartment.
  • Weights - If required, component weights can be added in Kilograms (kg) for one or many components.
Operation List – Existing operations can be searched, dragged and dropped into (copied or linked) to the Work Instruction area . The list of tasks that operations are also assigned to can also be displayed.
Work Instruction - Operations that contain the job details are added here from the Operations List or new ones created.