Log into the app

The Work Order dashboard is the landing page following logging in. Navigation is done by touching the screen. The list of work orders can be scrolled by swiping your finger up or down the screen.  

Key navigation areas include:


Tap to navigate to the Work Order home screen from anywhere in the app.
Tap the Task Description to view the Work Order and start a job.

Job progress Icons show if a job has started or complete.

Not Started
In Progress
Awaiting Approval

Tap the filter menu  to select a filter to toggle on / off.


Tap the toggle on  to filter my jobs or show all.

Tap the toggle on to show jobs awaiting approval from Work Order Approvers.

Tap the toggle on  to show outstanding or completed jobs. 

Tap in the search box  and type in text to search from the list.

Green indicates ONLINE mode or  Red is OFFLINE mode.

Tap to access the user menu to view your Profile,  Logout, reload the screen, reset the app.

Current weather forecast, tap the drop-down to view more details. 
Tap the refresh button  to reload the Work Orders page.