A Task WIN is created against a Model/Asset//Equipment to provide a task and document name. Use this process to create a WIN task to a specific Functional Location. 


Prior to creating a Task WIN, you will need to have information available which includes:

  • Model, Asset or equipment Number the task is to be created against (Tasks can be created independently).
  • Naming conventions for the Task WIN creation.
  • Job step details and images (can be added after the task is created).


To create a WIN task, click on   in the menu to navigate to the available sites. The list of available Sites are displayed in the Asset Data screen. Click a Site to navigate to the list of the assets for the Site.

Click to navigate to the list of the tasks for the Site and to create a new WIN Task.

The list of WIN tasks are displayed for the site. Click  to add a new WIN task.

The Add Task pop-up window is displayed. Complete the fields relevant to the company standards to create the new task.

Complete the fields as required.

Assign to Asset(s)Click   to display the list of Assets / FLOC available.  Scroll the list or enter the relevant text to search for an Asset/FLOC.
Click   to display a list or users to assign to the task.
Document Title
Enter the task name as per company standards.
Task CodeEnter "0"
Work GroupEnter the appropriate work group as per company standards. i.e Electrical, Wet or Dry Mechanical, Asset Health, etc.
Type CodeSelect the type of task from the list.
FrequencyEnter the frequency as per company standards.
ContextLeave as "Standard" or enter the context to differentiate between like documents.
SAP Document NumberIf known, enter the SAP document number. Generally left blank for a new document.
CMS Document No.Leave BLANK. Used as a reference to legacy document system.
Main Work CentreEnter the work centre responsible.
AreaEnter the area responsible.
Plant StatusEnter the Plant Operating status as per company standards i.e. O, D, S, etc.
Procedure Template TypeLeave BLANK. Used as a reference to legacy document system.

Click   to create the new task and complete the WIN task job details. The Tasks screen for the new tasks is displayed for entry of the work instruction detail.