Once a WIN Task has been created then the details to execute the job can be added.   Adding content in a structured way provides ease of updating multiple documents if instructions or details change. The details of the execution of job are added using the following procedures.


A WIN Task has been created and information is available to complete the job details.

  1. The job steps are created to an Operation. Once an operation has been created then it can be searched and linked to another WIN’s or copied to the new WIN. Each operation can have one or many job steps.

    Operations previously created will appear in the Operation List.   Existing operations can be searched, dragged and dropped into  . These operations can be copied or linked to other Work Instructions.
    Operations appear in this area of the screen. For a new WIN this will be blank initially until an operation is added. In the example the “JOB PREPARATION” operation has been added. Operations can be added by either adding a new operation or by searching and adding existing operations .

    Click   to view action options.

    Output to Word to output a draft documents for viewing

    Open BOM Window to use the BOM function (if used)

    Open Preview Window to open an online view of the document for reviewing.

    Toggle Operations List switches the operation list from left to right side of the screen.
    Click     to add a new operation. Click on the dropdown arrow to add 2, 3, or 5 operations.